An XSLT filter to transform loose TEI bibliographies into <biblStruct>s. See the TEI Wiki

Pari and rational summation: Karim Belabas has thankfully adopted my gsum GP script on his fine contributed scripts page.

What was EARS?

The attempt to gather existing free code for speech recognition (SR) into usable tools, with the help of object-oriented methods.

Work began in autumn 1994 to build a C++ SR system under Linux. This had accumulated in 1997 into ears-0.32 which is no longer supported. This means, no, I won't answer installation/compilation questions about this package anymore.

My Pari/GP init script, with some helpful functions.

What was YAREC?

Yet another audio recorder. After developing yarec-0.65, I abandoned maintainership in favor of some folks at sourceforge.

C filter to extract GO annotations from UniProt data, see